The Kurdish Role in the Armenian and Assyrian Genocide

The Kurdish Role in the Armenian and Assyrian Genocide By Abdulmesih BarAbraham To address the historically still debated issue, the extent of the participation and responsibility of the Kurds in the genocide of the Armenian [and Assyrians], Fırat Aydınkaya, lawyer and writer, published on April 18, 2020 an article under the title “The Armenian Genocide and the Kurds in Eight Questions”. [1] Originally published on, the article triggered a discussion among Kurds on social media with support and criticism. The

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How Many Assyrians were killed in the Assyrian Genocide

By Sabri Atman Before trying to give an answer to the above question or a number I hope the reader will pause and ask, which genocide do we mean?  It is obvious to many people that the Assyrian nation went through several genocides in their history. Therefore, we need to be very specific when there is a question concerning this topic. Otherwise, the answer we give can appear to be the wrong answer. The Assyrians were persecuted from the fall

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100 Years of Assyrian Genocides

By Abdulmesih BarAbraham (AINA) — An article titled The Year of the Sword – The Assyro-Chaldean Genocide under the Ottoman Empire (1915-1918) appeared in the history section of the March-April issue (no. 103) of the French magazine Diplomatie affaires stratégiques et relations internationales. The article was authored by Joseph Yacoub, honorary professor in political science at the Catholic University of Lyon. Prof. Yacoub is an Assyrian (also known as Chaldean and Syriac). He was the first chairholder of UNESCO’s ‘Memory, cultures and interculturality’,

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