“A View of the Assyrian Genocide from a Historical Perspective” Sabri Atman’s work

By Helen Talia, MBA, CPA When Sabri asked an Assyrian survivor to speak about seeing his mother raped and his younger brother slaughtered during the homogenize stage of Turkey’s Ottoman genocide that wiped out two-thirds of the Assyrian nation, he said, “For you, it was 100 years ago; for me, it was yesterday night’s dream.” Sabri then followed about the story of Infidel Hassan who waited his whole life to see his birth mother who repeatedly refused him audience —

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Death’s End: the General Massacre of Christians in Diyarbekir

Deep inside the forbidding black basalt city walls, the vast and age-old bazaar of Diyarbekir was burning. It burned for three days and nights, from around midnight on 19 August until 21 August 1914. The chief of police, Mehmed Memduh, a brutal thug, hindered the merchants from putting out the fire or even to save their merchandise. The new vali, Mehmed Reshid Bey, installed only the week before, refused to intervene and was generally assumed to have masterminded the arson.

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Iraq through Australian eyes: Casey-Bruce Correspondence[1]

The Australian Prime Minister, Stanley M.Bruce (1923-29) appointed Richard Gardiner Casey as Australian political liaison officer to London in late 1923. This decision proved to be very important for Australia, at a time when it was trying to chart its own ‘independent’ foreign policy within a British imperial framework Casey had direct access to secret British documents and also held conversations with officials of the British Foreign and Colonial offices’. Over the next 5 years Casey was to provide Bruce

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Assyrian Organizations Condemn Turkey’s Seizure of Assyrian Properties

Mor Gabriel

The Republic of Turkey has recently confiscated Assyrian properties in Tur Abdin. This attempt to confiscate Assyrian properties, including churches, monasteries, and cemeteries, is considered by Assyrians around the world as the last bullets of the Assyrian genocide of 1915. The Turkish state has seized among others below Syriac Orthodox Church and Monasteries in; Hapisnas : Mor Lazar MonasteryMarbobo : Mor Dodo Church Harabale (Arkah) : Mor Malke Monastery Harab-mishke : Mor Aho Church Badibe : Mor Yahkup Monastery Assyrian people are the indigenous people

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