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The Assyrian Genocide - Seyfo
Assyrian Genocide – Seyfo
by David Gaunt

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SEYFO CENTER was established in 2004 by Assyrians from various countries to bring awareness to the Assyrian Genocide by publishing and distributing books to institutions and parliaments, organizing conferences, and lobbying governments.

In 2010, the Swedish Parliament and City Council in Australia recognized the Assyrian Genocide, and in 2015 the Republic of Armenia, the Netherlands, Vatican, Austria, Germany, Syria, and Czech Republic also recognized the Assyrian Genocide. There are more countries that will follow suit with more lobbying efforts.

Mission Statement
  • The Assyrian Genocide and Research, SEYFO CENTER is an international center devoted to the research and documentation of contemporary issues related to the history, politics, society, and culture of Assyrian around the world.
  • Research is conducted to document past and current events, and to analyze their impact on individuals and institutions in Assyria and the Diaspora.
  • The Seyfo Center is a non-profit organization and has no political or religious affiliations.
 Current Activities
  • Provide research assistance to scholars, writers, journalists, filmmakers and government agencies.
  • Documentation of the Assyrian Genocide through oral histories and physical documentation.
  • Representation of the Assyrian Genocide among esteemed government bodies.
  • Education of non-Assyrians in political and academic forums.
  • Political activism and publications.
  • Research is conducted to document past and current events, and to analyze their impact on individuals and institutions in Assyria and the Diaspora.
The Unknown Genocide: Assyrian Genocide 1914-1918
  • The Jihad, holy Islamic war against the Christians announced on October 14 1914, by the Sheik ul-Islam (The Highest Cleric of the Islamic Faith) and it was read in the mosques all around the Ottoman empire.
  • As a result, over two million of young and old, men, women and children of Armenian, Assyrian and Greeks descent lost their lives.
  • Therefore, modern Turkish Republic state was founded on ”Genocide of the Christians”
  • Homogenization of Turkey. Targets included Muslim population of non-Turkish origin, such as Kurds and immigrants from Balkan and removal of non-Muslim peoples from Turkey.
  • Four major forces were used to accomplish this plan against Assyrians:
  • The Kurdish tribes
  • The Muslim immigrant from Balkan and Caucasus
  • Special Organization (Teskilat-i Mahsusa)
  • Hamidiyya Guards (Hamidiye Alaylari) formed from Kurds in the official Ottoman armed forces
Assyrian Genocide 1915 Past & Present Census
  • Prior to the First World War, four million and a half of those were Christian peoples
  • Today in Turkey, the total number of Christian people only amounts to 0.1 percent of the population. (60,000 Armenians, 10,000 Assyrians, 2,000 Greeks)
Assyrians in the Diaspora
  • 100 years later, many Assyrians left for Europe in the 1970s for economic, religious and political reasons.
  • Over 300,000 Assyrians live today in Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Sweden. Many more Assyrians still reside in the United States and in Australia, where Assyrians reside in large communities.
  • The total number of the Assyrians worldwide has been estimated at approximately 3 million.

Be a part of our history – your support is needed

SEYFO CENTER is active in several countries; our success depends on our volunteers and supporters. We have over fifteen monuments around the world and we are working to erect more monuments to raise awareness of the Assyrian Genocide. Unfortunately, this is not enough, in order to continue our great mission and reach all our goals; we need more volunteers and financial support. While we are grateful to all those who have previously supported and funded this great cause, unfortunately, the struggle for recognition is far from over. For this year and the future, we have very important objectives and in order to achieve our goals, we need solid and consistent financial support. We know we can count on your support and thank you for your continued trust!

To make a donation, please visit our website:

SEYFO CENTER USA is a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

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