Ninos Aho creates the Aturaya Khata brile

Already 150 tickets where sold in advance and afterwards there was a remarkable huge demand.  Johann Roumee took over the moderation. He welcomed the guests and leads them through the evening. A range of guests and friends of the Assyrian movement meets from all over Germany and many additionally European countries in this Assyrian club.

It was a very impressive and beautiful event, where there was only one hero, Malfono Ninos Aho. His gripping words fascinated the guests and caused many emotions. Malfono Ninos Aho, traveled from the USA with his wife, who supports him his whole life and gives him power to go on. He was honored for his work for the Assyrian thing. On the event the guest of honor Malfono Ninos Aho also got the “Ashur Yousef Price” from the Assyrian club.

After the opening speech from Aziz Yousef the organizers surprised Malfono Ninos Aho with the singer Ninib Ablahad Lahdo, who entered the hall with the song “Habtho d’ Heto”.

The guests, these includes also popular persons like the initiator of this event Sabri Atman, Malfono Elias Shahin from Sweden, Dr. Abrohom Lahdo, Shlemon Yonan (ZAVD), Isa Hanna, Malak Grigho amongst others. They all were becharmed from the pleasant music, poetry, the elegant ambience and Assyrian delicacies. The talented junior singer Ninorta and Ninib A. Lahdo entertained the society with her wonderful voice, they were backed from the Saz played by Daniel Afram. The evening was enriched from speeches of some persons, who accompanied Malfono Ninos Aho on his long way with the Assyrian task. Themes on this evening went over the past, the present and the future, youth, culture, identity of the Assyrian nation. Some guest’s eyes were filled with tears on this evening after these speeches. Malfono Ninos Aho amused the guests with his charismatic and humorously style. He ends his part with the poem “Athouraya Khata”.

It was a successful historian evening full of positive emotion, culture and especially good future views of the loved Assyrian nation. Special thanks goes to the Seyfo Center, without its initiative the event wasn’t been possible.

Aturaya Khata brile

Nuri Ayaz

John beth Afram
Assryian club Gütersloh

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