How Far Are We From Reaching President Barrack Obama

While his stay in America he has given lectures to Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians, on April 6th, 2010 he conducted a lecture in front of the U.N. building in New York City. Inclusion with his April 6th lecture, on April 11th, 2010, where over 200 guests, attended a lecture preformed by Sabri Atman at St Marks Church in Teaneck NJ, amongst the audience were prestige Lobbyists, Priests, and Activists who support this Genocide.

With the story of a life time, Sabri Atman began a short introduction in his native language, Aramaic. His historical presentation did not only touch but inspired the audience to further their actions for bringing justice to “Seyfo”

His presentation included what we can do as a people, and why he is inspired to continue his strive for deserved justice for the infidel Christians in Turkey. When asked “Why put so much energy into the past, why do you persist on this cause, the past is the past, let the dead rest?”

He answer’s “The Assyrians were killed and displaced during the genocide; I will never rest until they have received their due justice, the past shapes our future, and to progress you must learn from the past.” 

At the end of his presentation Mr. Atman attended to a Question & Answer sequence. Immediately there were floods of serious, intelligent, and interesting questions. One question that majority of the audience had in mind was “How far are we from reaching President Obama?” He said “I think one day will come in the near future where President Obama will accept this genocide, although it greatly depends on our progress.” One of many issues brought up during the question and answer section, was “What can we do to preserve our culture, our respects, our history, and the recognition of the Genocide?” He responded steadily saying “Our Youth! We must educate the next generation for our people and our hopes of Seyfo to be recognized.” Another important issue proposed by the audience was “What must we do to get involved, publicize, and gain knowledge of this catastrophic Genocide?” Sabri said quite simply, “I know there are many Armenians, Greeks, and Assyrians in New York, New Jersey, and America in general, he said what we must do is rather than speaking in 3 voices, we must speak as one, if we speak as one, we cannot be stopped.” 

In capturing the words of Sabri Atman, many people have began to open their eyes, they ask themselves, “What are we waiting for?” They now know the time is now, they know that the recognition of the genocide is a necessity for our people to progress in this world, they know that our ancestor’s respects are due. We should all live in the words of Sabri Atman “Stone by Stone, I will not stop until my people receive what they dearly deserve” 

Timothy P. Ego – New Jersey, USA

*Sabri Atman conducting Seyfo Recognition presentation, alongside by Timothy Ego 

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