Demanding the Recognition of Assyrian

In his speech on July 24th, Mr. Atman dwelled on the policies of hate and murder of the Turkish government at the time and how they were an integral part of the overall strategy to create the “modern Turkish state” where Turkish citizens spoke one language, Turkish and followed one religion, Islam.   Mr. Atman also mentioned the recent successful efforts of Seyfo center in getting the parliament of Sweden to recognize the Armenian, Greek and Assyrian massacres of 1915 as Genocide against the Christian of the Ottoman Empire.
The Director of Seyfo center reminded the audience that it’s their national responsibility to work diligently and strive as long as it takes for the governments of the world and Turkey to recognize the genocide against Assyrians and others. He also called upon the Armenian humanitarian and political organizations and Armenian historians to include the Assyrians and Greeks when they refer to the genocide of WW1 since these horrible acts were not directed exclusively against Armenians but rather it was jihad (Holy war) declared by religious and temporal Turkish leaders against all Christians living in what later became the Turkish Republic.
When Mr. Atman’s finished delivering his speech, Assyrian Aid Society presented him with a painting by the Assyrian Artist, Paul Batou as well as a “limited edition” replica of the original Assyrian flag raised by general Agha Petros during WW1.
On July 25th, Mr. Atman and a group of Assyrians of Los Angeles, gathered at the Assyrian American Association of Southern California and from there moved to an area near the iconic “Hollywood” sign and raised the Assyrian flag as well as banners and slogans reminding the world of the “forgotten genocide” and demanding that the government of Turkey recognizes the genocide. They were also there for solidarity of St. Mar Gabriel Monastery in Turkey and demanded hands off this historical monastery. Mr. Atman gave a brief speech and released red and black balloons symbolizing the blood of the victims and the mourning of a nation for its sons and daughters.
Mr. Atman’s efforts have given a voice to the fallen and forgotten and has brought attention to a genocide the world chose to ignore and we’re confident that in the near future and because of his tireless efforts and those of the many volunteers of the Seyfo center, the rest of the world, Turkey included, will follow Sweden’s lead and recognize the Assyrian Genocide.
By: David William Lazar

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