Assyrians in New Zealand Want to be Heard

The lecture held in Assyrian Nineveh Association along with the various gatherings has informed the Auckland Assyrian Youth with plenty of Assyrian History around the topic of the Assyrian Genocide.  The Assyrian Youth are motivated more than ever to have their voices heard and to build a stronger and more active community in Auckland.  They were very pleased to have Sabri Atman with them which gave them the much needed inspiration and enthusiasm.

Assyrian Youth Group along with the Assyrian Nineveh Association and the Assyrian community in Auckland joined Sabri Atman the Director of Seyfo Center at One Tree Hill on Saturday 4th of September 2010.  At this prominent location in Auckland, Assyrian and New Zealand flags were raised.  Signs reading “Never Again 1915”, “We Will Never Forget Simele 1933” and “Hands Off Mor Gabriel” were held by the Assyrians in New Zealand.  The Seyfo Center’s symbolic release of red and black balloons didn’t spare New Zealand.

The next stop is later this month in Athens, for Sabri Atman where he will demand the recognition of the Assyrian Genocide from Greece.

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