Genocide Prevention Now

When and What Did You Learn about the Assyrian Genocide?
Interviews of David Gaunt, Hannibal Travis, Ara Sarafian, Taner Akcam and Israel Charny

Issue 11, Fall 2012

Interviews by Sabri Atman, Linda Abraham and Naramsin Daro

The Seyfo Center 1915, the Assyrian Genocide Research Center ( has published on its Web site a series of interviews of an interesting variety of genocide scholars, themselves from several different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds and well-known specialists on different aspects of genocide with emphasis on a number of different genocides at the core of their work.    

The Seyfo Center has come and asked each of these scholars questions like – 

    • Who are you?
    • What do you know about Assyrians and Assyrian Genocide?
    • Do you consider the Assyrians to have done too little in pursuit of recognition of the  Assyrian Genocide?
    •  Is the pursuit of political recognition of the Assyrian Genocide a squandering of minimal resources – should the focus be on greater academic output?
    • Do you think Turkey will every recognize the genocides committed during the Ottoman Empire?
    • What do you think are the similarities of the Holocaust and the Assyrian Genocide?
    • What can Assyrians and Greeks learn from the activism of Armenians?
    • Do you think Israel will ever officially recognize the Armenian Genocide? The Assyrian Genocide?  The Greek Genocide?

GPN Genocide Prevention Now is proud to reproduce with permission this intriguing and touching series of interviews.  Readers who are actively genocide scholars,  in many cases will know personally those who are interviewed here.  Other readers are more than likely to be touched by the humanistic integrity of those interviewed.  

The Director of the Seyfo Center 1915 is Sabri Atman.  GPN readers will recall that Sabri Atman presented an article on the Assyrian Genocide in Special Issue 5 on the subject of the Recognition of “Co-Victims in the Armenian Genocide, entitled “The Assyrian Genocide: A Largely Unknown Genocide that was a Product of Ottoman Jihad, as were the Armenian and Greek Genocides.”

Readers about the Assyrian Genocide in this issue are of course invited to see the entire Issue 5.  To see the full Table of Contents of the Special Issue, please click here.  

Readers are also referred to a recent book about the Greek Genocide, Genocide of the Ottoman Greeksby Matthias Bjornlund, Tessa Hofmann and Vasileios Meichanetsidis and to an article by GPN’s editor that appears in that book, “The Integrity and Courage to Recognize All the Victims of a Genocide” that was republished in GPNIssue 10.  Click here to see Issue 10.


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