Motion to Greece Parliament regarding the Assyrian Genocide

The Genocide of the Assyrians is a historically documented event recognized by parliaments and professional bodies all over the world. Denial of this functions in an exculpatory way for  the perpetrators and is considered the final stage of the Genocides of the indigenous Christian peoples  of Anatolia by the Ottoman Turks.
We call upon the Hellenic government to recognize Genocide of the Assyrians by the  Ottoman, Young Turk and Kemalist regime, as it did with the Genocide of the Armenians.
We demand of modern Turkey as the successor state to recognize the Genocide of the Assyrians demonstrating it respects democratic institutions and human rights as it desires to become a full member of the European Union.
We demand from Turkey that it conforms to the rules of International Law.
Union of Greek Pontian Youth of Attica
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