Statement of Assyria Patriotic Movement regarding the Assyrian Genocide

and Armenians and Pontian Greeks in what is called today as "Turkey", the entity based on the crimes of the Mongols and the cries of jihad, while the Assyrian people still suffering today from "constitutional" persecution in the so-called "new Iraq", the patron of the Islamization policy against the land of Christ and Kurdifying land of Ashur (Assyria), and while the properties of the Assyrian people and churches and monsters  in the mountains of Assyria (northern Iraq and southeastern Turkey) and Assyrian plains are still being confiscated according to laws written by the de-facto forces and approved by the western countries who have been always and still false witnesses to the massacres all over the world, and with neglect of Assyrian political organizations for the Assyrian Genocide issue for very well known reasons to everybody … We call the Assyrian people and its intellects to unite to defend this rightful cause and continue to work persistently to grab global recognition of the massacres as "genocide" according to the international definition of the word before it is too late: 2015 – and crying is just a waste of time.

As stated in its fouding statement, Assyria Patriotic Movement (APM) insists to keep working on this issue (as stated in its founding statement)

Assyria Patriotic Movement (APM)

Statement No. 2/2013
Beirut: 24 / April / 2013

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