A Kurdish intellectual’s historic honorary action

His honorary action officially was declared through a Press Conference at the Swedish Parliament on May 13th last month. His action is a very first, also a milestone in the “sorry campaign” that some of the Turkish intellectuals started late last year.
Read his reason for the ‘apology’ in his letter below and follow the link: An open letter to the public
"On October 6, 2008, in the 8th Notary Public’s Office in the Mersin province of Turkey, I have officially transferred my house/land title located in the village of Cimencik (read as Chimenjick) to the Seyfo Center in Holland, nominating it to its director Mr Sabri Atman. The Cimencik village is part of the sub-division of Eruh district of the Siirt province in the South-East of Turkey. In my letter below, I would like to share with you, the international public, the reasons why I have transferred my land to Seyfo Center. Read more here.
Also see the pictures of the press conference here.
Read article: “His father was one of the perpetrators; he is the first to ask for forgiveness through action…” By Nuri Kino on 26th May 2009. 
Mr Berzan Boti is a regular writer at www.nasname.com where this web site is called ‘the community of free independent individuals’ is a Kurdish political, literature and philosophy media. Those of you read Turkish will see through Mr Boti’s some of his past writings, he sheds some lights to recent diverse ethnic historical facts where Turkish historians (due to political pressure imposed upon them by their governments) would not take it into consideration or account.
Again for those who read Turkish can read Çetin Çeko’s (another Kurdish writer) view on Mr Boti’s honorary action gelawej.net
Here we, as members of the Assyrian Chaldean Syriac community in Melbourne-Australia, honour and pay tribute to Mr Berzan Boti’s honorary action!

John Hanna Haddad

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