Remembrance and Tribute

Chicago ~ Sunday, June 19, 2011 Four speakers, Dr. Anahit Khosroeva (Senior Researcher at Institute of History, Armenian National Academy of Sciences, Professor at Yerevan State University, Armenia and Scholar-in-Residence at North Park University, Chicago), Mr. Vasili Shoumanov (Orientalist and Activitst), Hon. Homer Ashurian (Archaeologist and Director of the Assyrian Universal Alliance Foundation "A.U.A.F.") and Ms. Helen Talia (Certified Public Accountant, Writer and Feminist-Activist), gathered at the Skokie locale of the Assyrian National Council of Illinois to present a joint-lecture,

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When The Past is Always Present

Recent attacks on churches in Egypt and Iraq show that indigenous Christians face an uncertain future in the Middle East. In a region where religion is a fundamental component of life, religious violence is an issue that appears to have been side lined in news covering the Arab Spring. Yet these attacks are profoundly significant.

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Intervju med Dr. Hannibal Travis

Just nu pågår en Seyfo-konferens i Holland som samlar världens främsta forskare i ämnet. På fredag och lördag gästas Västra Frölunda och Norsborg av en av dessa forskare, Dr. Hannibal Travis från Florida International University College of Law. Mediautskottet har fått tag på Dr. Travis för en intressant intervju.

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