Larissa Petrosspour’s Speech at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Ladies and gentleman,   It is so heartwarming to see so many of our fellow Assyrian gathered here today. On behalf of Seyfo Center, I would to thank you all for coming to the awareness walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.   On August 7, 1933, the Iraqi military killed more than 3,000 Assyrians in Semele and many other villages in Iraq. Assyrians were indiscriminately slaughtered on that day.   Furthermore, many Assyrian families lost their homes and were forced

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Iraq through Australian eyes: Casey-Bruce Correspondence[1]

The Australian Prime Minister, Stanley M.Bruce (1923-29) appointed Richard Gardiner Casey as Australian political liaison officer to London in late 1923. This decision proved to be very important for Australia, at a time when it was trying to chart its own ‘independent’ foreign policy within a British imperial framework Casey had direct access to secret British documents and also held conversations with officials of the British Foreign and Colonial offices’. Over the next 5 years Casey was to provide Bruce

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