Assyrian Organizations Condemn Turkey’s Seizure of Assyrian Properties

The Republic of Turkey has recently confiscated Assyrian properties in Tur Abdin.

This attempt to confiscate Assyrian properties, including churches, monasteries, and cemeteries, is considered by Assyrians around the world as the last bullets of the Assyrian genocide of 1915.

The Turkish state has seized among others below Syriac Orthodox Church and Monasteries in;

Hapisnas : Mor Lazar MonasteryMarbobo : Mor Dodo Church
Harabale (Arkah) : Mor Malke Monastery
Harab-mishke : Mor Aho Church
Badibe : Mor Yahkup Monastery

Assyrian people are the indigenous people of the region. They are the founders of the first civilization in Mesopotamian who endured several massacres and continued persecution until this present time. It is an open wound from the genocide of 1915 that continues to bleed at the hands of our oppressors; the Turkish state which recently confiscated our churches, monasteries, and cemeteries.

As Assyrian organizations in the United States; we appeal to our government, the United Nations, the European Union and all international institutions and Human Rights Organizations to demand that Turkey stops this policy of religious and ethnic intolerance and immediately return the monasteries and churches to their rightful owners.

Carlo Ganjeh, Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA), Americas Chapter

David William Lazar, American Mesopotamian Organization (AMO)

Fred Isaac, Assyrian Democratic Movement (ADM), CA

George Stifo, The Assyrian Democratic Organization, USA Branch

Dr. Sargoun Issa, Restore Nineveh Now Foundation (RNNF)

Sabri Atman, Assyrian Genocide and Research (SEYFO Center)

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