Climbing the Rigi mountain to remember the Assyrian, Armenian and Greek Genocide of 1915

The program consisted of a short lecture on Saturday evening, the climb on Sunday morning and a lunch on Sunday afternoon.  In the Assyrian (Suryoye) Association in the village of Ibach, an hours drive from the Syrian Orthodox monastery in Arth, a short presentation was held by Mr.  Sabri Atman, chairman of Seyfo Center.  During the lecture, the participants were told the importance of the recognition of the Seyfo and encouraged to climb the Rigi mountain the next day.

The ascent of the 1800 meter high mountain lasted more than 2 hours.  Among the participants there were a lot of elderly people.  The mountain, that was to be seen in wide outline during the climb, had many hurdles and setbacks.  People were injured and exhausted.  For many, this was the way to imagine how the deportations took place during the Assyrian Genocide (Seyfo) of 1915.

At the top of the mountain, all participants released a helium-filled balloon, with the text ‘Turkey should recognize the Assyrian Genocide’.  After releasing, all the balloons disappeared behind the dark clouds, a symbolic closure of the climb.

After the climb, the day was closed with a pleasant lunch in a typical Swiss house.

During the climb there was also a camera crew present, Ahna Media, which follows Mr. Atman for a period of time for making a documentary.  A small part of the climbing event is, from Thursday and on, possible to see on  The entire documentary will be released at the end of this year.

See video from Rigi mountain and pictures.

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