Take Time for the Seyfo Center

Dear Readers,

With this letter we would like to inform you about the Seyfo Center activities and also ask for your urgent support. 

  • In almost all cities in Germany, where our people live we gave lectures on the Assyrian Genocide. 

  • We also give lectures in Austria, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Sweden, USA, Australia, Bosnia, Armenia and Greece. 
  • Many articles and books in various languages as well as documentaries have been published about the Assyrian Genocide.

  • Several conferences at the parliamentary level have been organized, involving parliamentarians and academics on the subject of the Assyrian Genocide. These were the Swedish Parliaments, the British Parliament, the EU Parliament and the Australian Parliament.  There are preparations for the parliaments in Germany and other countries.

  • We do research and collect documents, carry out interviews with elderly people and keep reference experiences of testimonies, documents and other.

  • We help our young people with information, if they want to write essays concerning the Assyrian Genocide.

  • We are working in several countries to raise monuments for the purpose of remembering the Assyrian Genocide. In France and U.S. are already memorial stones and in more are in the process of setting up memorials.
Of course, success by the Seyfo Center can only be achieved by the hard working volunteers who donate their time to achieve its mission.  Unfortunately, alone, this is not enough.  In order to continue our great mission and reach these and other goals, we need dedicated people, finances, and facilities. While we are grateful to all who have previously supported and funded this great cause, unfortunately, the struggle for recognition is far from over.

For next year and the future we have very important objectives. To achieve these objectives we need solid and consistent financial support.  We count on your support and thank you for your continued trust!



Donations account:

NUMBER 444 65 40 38
IBAN NL 19ABNA0444654038

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