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Sydney – 15 December, 2009
Every nation has a day set aside for the remembrance of its nationals who bravely give their lives for the preservation of their fellow people, culture and ethnic identity. Every year, on 7th of August, as established by the Assyrian Universal Alliance (AUA), Assyrians all over the world including our community in Fairfield gather to commemorate the Assyrian martyrs and genocide remembrance day to honour the memory of the victims of the Assyrian genocide. Efforts are made to attain justice through holding their memory alive, and to prevent any further horrors of that sort by educating mankind about the guiding ideals of humanity and solidarity among all people.
In June 2002, the Assyrian Universal Alliance wrote to the former Mayor of Fairfield City, Councillor Anwar Khoshaba, requesting his support for an AUA submission regarding the recognition of the Assyrian Genocide by the New South Wales (NSW) Council Association. This matter was discussed at the Local Government Association (Lgov) Executive meeting on 16 August 2002, which later resolved unanimously to support the recognition of the genocide perpetrated against the Assyrian people in the period 1914-1918. It was also resolved that information about the matter be placed on the Lgov NSW web site, that the matter be raised at the National General Assembly of Local Government, and that the Premier of NSW and the Prime Minister be asked to support the recognition of the Assyrian Martyrs and Genocide Remembrance Day.
The Assyrian Universal Alliance submitted another application on 5 July 2009, requesting to erect a monument at the city of Fairfield honouring the memory of the victims of the Assyrian genocide.
We are pleased to announce that construction of this memorial will commence soon and is expected to be completed in May 2010.
The sculpture which 4.2 meters high will shows the hand of a martyr which indicates the people who dedicate their lives to create a better and safer world. The Assyrian flag implies to the survival and spiritual rebirth and unity of the Assyrian people .The figures of young children attached to the flag and the Martyr’s hand symbolise the younger generation that carries the torch for the betterment and for shaping the future of our great Assyrian nation. The circle of Earth carried on the hand implies to a call to unity and a call to action for a safe world without fear of genocide.
A separate application was submitted on 8 October 2009, for naming a park located opposite of Bonnyrigg Park which is currently under construction. The name proposed for the park is “Garden of Nineveh”. Nineveh is the famous capital city of ancient Assyria.
On behalf of the Executive Board of the Assyrian Universal Alliance, we thank all Council staff, who worked tirelessly on this project, and all Council members who voted in favour of this project, particularly the Mayor Councillor Nick Lalich, his Deputy Councillor Anwar Khoshaba, and Councillor Frank Olivier who seconded the motion. We thank all our Assyrian and non-Assyrian supporters from Australia and abroad for their encouraging messages of support. We extend our special appreciation to the Fairfield Police for a job well done, and for doing their best to provide safety and security. Finally, we would like to thank all the Greek, Armenian, and Assyrian organisations and political parties who supported the AUA application and attended the aforementioned meeting. The Assyrian organisations supporting this project include the Assyrian Australian National Federation, the Assyrian Charity and Educational Community, Babylon Cultural Association, Assyrian Sports and Cultural Association, Assyrian Australian Association, Assyrian Barwar Association, Assyrian Aid Society, the Assyrian National Centre, Assyrian Patriotic Party, Bet Nahrien Democratic Party, Assyrian General Conference, Assyrian Democratic Movement, Chaldean National Congress .
Assyrian Universal Alliance – Australian Chapter
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