A Great Achievement by Assyrians in France

In order to raise awareness about the Assyrian genocide, two years ago, the Assyro- Chaldéens Associations created a committee together with churches in France. Beside the creation of the said committee, a successful conference with regard to the Assyrian genocide was held in the French Parliament last year. This committee was able to arrange many other lectures and photo exhibitions. The good work is still ongoing. There will be a huge ceremony in memory of the Assyrian Genocide in Sarcelles, on April 23, 2016, at 4:30 PM. This ceremony will include the opening of the “Assyro-Chaldéens Garden”. The statues of many Assyrian leaders, such as Mar Adday Şer, Surma Khanum, Mar Antimos Yakup and Ağa Petrus, will be erected in this garden.

The “Assyro-Chaldéens Garden” will share the same lot with the “Armenian Garden”. Both gardens are to commemorate the genocide of 1915. A variety of fruit trees have been brought from the homeland, Assyria, to be planted in this garden. In addition, olive trees will also be planted in the garden.

Turkey is still denying the genocide that they committed against Assyrians, Armenians, and Greeks. However, it is a history that the survivors will never forget. The wounds of the genocide are not healed yet. Turkey and their allies from the Kurdish tribes should not only acknowledge the crime that they committed but rather compensate for the losses they have caused.

Mr. Francois Pupponi, the chairman of Sarcelles Municipality, who is also the member of the French Parliament, is among the politicians who support Assyrians and other victim groups of the genocide. In the last year only, the Sarcelles Municipality spent around 400,000 Euros for activities pertaining to the Assyrian and the Armenian genocide.

The director of the Assyrian Genocide and Research Center ( SEYFO CENTER ), Mr. Sabri Atman, congratulates the Assyrian community for their appreciated achievements and their support of Mr. Francois Pupponi, the deputy Val d’Oise, and all the other politicians who are in solidarity with the Assyrian people. Mr. Atman calls upon all of our people, the media, and its friends living in France and in neighboring countries to attend this ceremony, which will be held in Sarcelles on April 23th  at 4:30 PM.


Assyrian Genocide and Research, SEYFO CENTER

April 15, 2016

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