Vandalism of the Assyrian Genocide monument in Sydney

The police have no leads on the perpetrators. The vandals painted a Turkish crescent and star on the monument’s globe, which sits on a pedestal resembling a hand, as well as writing "fuck Assyrian dogs" and "fuck Assyria" on the left and forward sides of the base of the monument. The plaque at the front of the monument was removed.
This act of vandalism comes as no surprise. After the dedication of the monument, Assyrian community leaders had privately expressed concerns about the safety of the monument.

The monument is dedicated to the 750,000 Assyrians that were killed by Turks in World War One, between 1915 and 1918.

This is shortly followed by the vandalism of the Assyrian Levies Monument in Fairfeild park.

Seyfo Center condemns these disrespectful act of vandalism. Such acts do not belong to the civilized world that we live in today!

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