International Conference

Prior to the conference commencing Sabri Atman had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Vasos Lyssaridis, the Former President of the Parliament of Cyprus.

In the discussion Sabri Atman was advised that Mr. Vasos Lyssaridis knew about Assyrians.  "I know for example that Agha Petros is one of your heroes and I will be mentioning his name in my speech". He also said: "I didn’t know about the Assyrian Genocide before this conference but now I know what Seyfo is.  You have suffered a lot.  You have got the same fate as Armenians and Greeks and the less known genocide is the Assyrian Genocide. We have a country and the Armenians have Armenia but you have nothing.

Sabri asked what is the reason that the Greek Government hasn’t recognised the Assyrian Genocide yet?"   Mr. Vasos Lyssaridis advised "Because they don’t know about it."

Sabri Atman asked: "Do you think that is important to speak with one voice?"  Mr. Vasos Lyssaridis answered:  "Yes, it is definitely.  We have to speak with one voice and we have to find a way to work practically together.  I really feel for the Assyrians and I will do my best to support your case."

Over 350 people attended the first day of the conference.

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