Seyfo Center Condemns the Church Bombing

On Sunday 31st of October 2010 more than 100 worshipers were attending Our Lady of Salvation church in Baghdad when the church was invaded by a group of Al Qaeda militants.  As the Al Qaeda militants walked into the church, they started killing indiscriminately starting with the priest at the altar.

To date 58 of these worshipers have been killed and almost all of the remaining people are severely injured.  Among the deceased are two priests, one nun, men, women, children and even unborn children.

This is the 66th Assyrian Church that has been attacked since 2004 in Iraq.  Since the invasion of Iraq in 2003 the Assyrian people of Iraq are being targeted and driven out of their homeland.  The lack of security provided to the Assyrian Christians living in Iraq is intolerable.  The basic human rights are not even being met in this ruined country.

Seyfo Center strongly condemns these acts that defy the basic human rights.  Seyfo Center is calling upon the Iraqi government and democratic countries around the world as well as the humanitarian organisations to intervene and protect the Assyrians the indigenous people of Iraq.

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