Turlock Welcomes Ara Sarafian

This event was attended by a large crowd of Assyrians and non-Assyrians. Also in attendance were a few local city officials. Mrs. Carmen Morad was the Master of ceremony for the evening in which she introduced the president of AACCOT Dr. Raymond George who welcomed the speaker and all guests followed by Mr. Noray Betbaba, Seyfo Center USA president who shared a brief history and background on the mission and accomplishments of his organization.
The Seminar Key note speaker, Mr. Sarafian, an Archival Historian, presented detailed information on how the Assyrians together with Armenian and other Christian minorities living in Southern Turkey were forced into migration, systemic and brutal persecution and finally millions of them were murdered by the hands of the Ottoman authorities. He elaborated on the positive efforts of several Assyrian activists who have been working diligently in the past ten years, within the international community, to draw attention to the atrocities, which the Ottoman authorities inflicted on the Christians in that region.
Mr. Sarafian also emphasized the importance of such seminars to raise awareness of the Assyrian Genocide and at the same time educate the general public to the sensitivity of this matter.
Dr. Raymond George

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