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As heir to the ottoman empire, Turkey has during 94 years denied the genocide they committed on the Assyrians and other Christian minorities. Lately some intellectual Turks have tried to settle with their history by publicly apologizing for the actions during 1915. This reconcile-process has however not reached the impact that many had hoped for and was subdued in Turkish media.

During the Seyfo-Genocide 1915, two thirds of the Assyrian population were eliminated in the Ottoman empire. Houses, land and villages were taken by Kurdish clans whom took part in the killing of Assyrians.

Berzan Boti inherited a house and big land areas from his father. This was property that later was discovered to belong to the Assyrians that had been murdered during Seyfo. Two years ago Berzan Boti contacted Seyfo Center with the intention to hand back this property.

During a press-conference Berzan Boti will return title deeds to Sabri Atman, the chairman of Seyfo Center. “The sense of guilt was indescribable when I had been told where this property had derived from. The only right thing to do was to apologize and return the property to its rightful owners” – said Berzan Boti in an earlier interview.    

The press-conference will take place in the Swedish Parliament. The hostess of this event will be Annelie Enochsson (kd). During the conference several members of the Riksdag, experts in public international law and historians will hold speeches. 


Due to shortage of seats only registered guests will be allowed in to the conference. Registration can be made at please state your full name.


Only accredited media will be allowed entrance. For accreditation please e-mail to or call +46 (0) 70-050 46 04.

Date: May 13th 2009

Place: Mittpoolen, the Swedish Parliament

Time: 11:00

Seyfo Center

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