Conscience and, please, a little more shame!

 In his interrogation, Erhan Tuncel, organizer of the murder of Hrant Dink and police informant, said he had provided a report to the police in Trabzon on Yasin Hayal and killing of Hrant Dink, not four but 17 times. The negligence involved in making Tuncel, a key name in Dink’s murder, an informant and in his use in this role is already clear. Essentially, the infractions and irregularities go back to the bombing of a McDonald’s in Trabzon in 2004. Tuncel, who prepared the bomb and organised the bombing, was made an informant by Trabzon Police Chief Ramazan Akyürek thanks to the intermediation of a member of the academic staff at Black Sea Technical University. 
 However, his being an informant in fact meant disregarding the principle of non-involvement in crime. During his process of socialisation and personal development (!), while visiting the Alperen Oca

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