Seyfo Center collaboration with Columbia University

During the Fellowship participants will also design a project that addresses a long standing sectarian conflict, history of repression or past gross human rights violations in their society, country or region.
AHDA, Alliance for Historical Dialogue and Accountability, brings together academics, representatives of civil society organization, journalists, educators and artists as well as policy makers who all pursue historical dialogue in conflict, post-conflict and post-dictatorial societies. They address the political ramifications of the historical legacy of conflicts, as well as the role and impact of the memory of past violence on contemporary politics, society and culture. These ramifications often continue to haunt contemporary societies and the memories that shape the identities of protagonists in numerous conflict and post-conflict countries around the world. AHDA builds networks and facilitates comparative as well as interdisciplinary dialogue among its members.
Seyfo Center, Assyrian Genocide Research Center, continues its mission in the international community to gain recognition on the fate of the Assyrian victims of the 1915 Genocide during WW1.
Mr. Noray Betbaba, President of Seyfo Center USA, attended a seminar, in Bonn, Germany on December 12, and 13, 2011, organized by the European Association for the Education of Adults and Academia in cooperation with the Columbia University Institute for the Human Rights (ISHR). Mr. Betbaba presented a compelling case stating the injustice and atrocities perpetrated against the Assyrians. 
It is Imperative to engage in dialogue reaching political representatives, human rights organizations and community activists to promote the importance of intervention and prevention of Human Rights violations.
Carmen Morad,
Seyfo Center USA

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