A new book: The History of the Assyrian Nation in the Twentieth Century

We are delighted to announce a new publication by the Seyfo Center: The History of the Assyrian Nation in the Twentieth Century, with Special Emphasis on the Events of World Wars I and II, was written in Assyrian by Koorish Yacob Shlemon and translated into English by Arianne Ishaya.

‘This book provides a new and clearer view of the events that took place during this century, which was the most bitter in the history of the Assyrian people. Rabi Koorish was there when the things he writes about in this historical account happened.

Most other writers have based their writings on hearsay from others who tend to add or subtract from what they have heard. They have not had the ability to sift the truth from what they have heard. But everything that Rabi Koorish has written is based on the truth.”

Many people have contributed to the publication of this book, and we are grateful to them all. That said, I must recognize the contributions of my friends Abboud Zeitoune and Fred Aprim. In particular, my friend Fred Aprim has been involved in this project from beginning to end, without his help, this book would not be in our hands. On behalf of myself and the Seyfo Center, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this book project.


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