SAYFO an Account of the Assyrian Genocide

Published in 2021, Sayfo is based on surviving eyewitness accounts of the Assyrian genocide, penned by a seminarian from greater Tur Abdin (southeast of the modern Turkish state).

The viewpoint is relatively unknown and seldom discussed. This text, which has been translated and annotated by a master of Syriac who also knows a lot about modern Assyrian history, is a rare chance for new research. The killing of the Assyrians is one of the worst things that people have forgotten about in the 20th century. In addition to the physical destruction, it also caused demographic shifts, the loss of territory, generational trauma, linguistic, cultural, or ethnic cleansing, and identity erosion.

Professor Michael Abdalla and Lukasz Kiczka turned this classic Syriac text into English—series editor Prof. Sargon Donabed.

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