History is rewritten in France!

The Seyfo genocide of 1915 was recognized by the French Senate!

Paris (SEYFOCenter)–

Today, February 8, 2023, was a historic day in the French Senate. “Assyrian/Chaldean
Genocide Bill” drafted by the well-known French Senators Valérie Boyer and Bruno Retailleau was approved after it was presented.

It is a well-known fact that, between 1914 and 1918, under the Ottoman Empire’s rule, hundreds of thousands of Assyrians were massacred in the context of the Armenian genocide. The Republic of Turkey, which still denies the genocide, was founded on the Christian genocide. This denial by Turkey is the biggest obstacle to the healing of a deep and open wound. Therefore, the recognition by the French Senate was a historic welcome.

Many Assyrian personalities and representatives from various institutions, including the president of the Seyfo Center, Sabri Atman as well as Professor Joseph Yacoub, were present. Following the adoption of the bill, Mr. Atman said “The decision that has just been taken is historic and deserves a standing ovation “.

He continued, “No doubt our people and institutions living in France have gone to great lengths to achieve this. This historic moment is dedicated to them. I heartily congratulate them and all the French senators who supported the bill. The struggle will continue!”

This decision by the French Senate was received with joy and a festive mood among
our people and our French friends.

Seyfo Center,
February 8, 2023, Paris

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