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French Senate Recognizes the Assyro-Chaldeans Genocide of 1915-1918

by Abdulmesih BarAbraham === The French Senate voted by a majority on Wednesday, February 8, in favor of a resolution calling on the government to recognize the genocide of the Assyrian-Chaldeans of 1915-1918 and to make the day of April 24 a joint day of commemoration for the Armenian and Assyrian-Chaldean genocides. The proposal for the resolution was introduced by Senator Valérie Boyer (Member of the Republicans – LR) under the title „On the recognition of the genocide of the

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FG Production & Frank Gilbert The Road to Urmi takes us back to 1915, following the Ottomans’ declaration of war against the Assyrians, who lived under their authority, viciously attacked, and impacted by the massacres committed by the Ottoman Turks, beginning with the kidnapping of the honorable Hormiz, Mar Benyamin Shimun’s brother, to force the Patriarch Mar Binyamin to surrender his people and weapons to the fate of death, that awaited them in the hands of the Turks. Tragically, Mar Benyamin

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A new book: The History of the Assyrian Nation in the Twentieth Century

We are delighted to announce a new publication by the Seyfo Center: The History of the Assyrian Nation in the Twentieth Century, with Special Emphasis on the Events of World Wars I and II, was written in Assyrian by Koorish Yacob Shlemon and translated into English by Arianne Ishaya. ‘This book provides a new and clearer view of the events that took place during this century, which was the most bitter in the history of the Assyrian people. Rabi Koorish

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Congratulations to our winners! 

Enlil Y.

Meet Enlil from Arizona, the winner of the elementary school category. Enlil wrote a letter to Agha Petros. Enlil was awarded $100.00. By Enlil Y. Shlama Agha Petros, I know you are in the middle of a big battle against our enemies. I know our people are getting killed. As you are a wise leader, I am sure that you will get our homeland back from the enemy.  We are “Mighty Assyrians”, and our enemies will be scared to see

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Congratulations to Our Winners! 

Meet Enlil from Arizona, the winner of the elementary school category. Enlil wrote a letter to Agha Petros. Enlil was awarded $100.00. Notes from Enlil’s parents: Collecting and reading Assyrian children’s books will help your  children gain knowledge at an early age. In addition, attending Assyrian cultural events with your child will also help them discover their roots. Enlil’s favorite books are the Epic of Gilgamesh series written by Ludmila Zeman and Assyrian Comics  by  Tony Shalalo.  Meet Tiamet Lazar, a senior in High School from Valencia,

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Book review by Lucine Kasbarian Defenders of the West: The Christian Heroes Who Stood Against Islam Authored by Raymond Ibrahim (Bombadier Books, 2022) Defenders of the West chronicles the lives of eight great Crusaders who defended Christians against Islamic extermination, savagery, occupation and slavery.  These heroes demonstrated great courage on the battlefield and a fierce devotion to their Christian faith. Academic/author Raymond Ibrahim, an expert in Islamic history and doctrine, spotlights Duke Godfrey of Bouillon, France; El Cid (Roderick Diaz

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Preserving Assyria:

An Autonomous Assyria in the Nineveh Plains. By Maria Ghatine Introduction This paper seeks to argue for an Assyrian autonomous governorate in their ancient homeland of the Nineveh Plain, located in Iraq and part of the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG). The purpose of this is to remedy the persecution of Assyrians as an endangered minority in their ancient homelands, and for the preservation and rebuilding of their existence. Evidence of the Iraqi and Kurdish Governments ethnic-cleansing, genocides, and human rights

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