We need everyone’s support on this now!

Please sign and share this petition calling on our local state officials to support this resolution!

Magnificent strides are being made towards genocide recognition by the Assyrians of USA. And we need everyone’s help

SJR0021 (Senate Joint Resolution 21) has been introduced on 3/3/21 by Senator Ram Villivalam (D-08) and Representative Jennifer Gong Gershowitz (D-17) of the State of Illinois. It recognizes the Assyrian Genocide of 1915 AND the Simele Massacre of 1933 as genocide and declares August 7, 2021, as Assyrian Remembrance Day.

Click here for the full text of the resolution.

Sign here to support this resolution. It literally takes 30 seconds to fill. Make sure everyone in your family signs.

Seyfo Center is calling upon ALL Assyrian and non-Assyrian advocacy, church, political and cultural organizations and individuals to sign and share this petition. We also encourage all advocacy groups to promote this resolution on their platforms as they see fit!

We came together for Arizona this time last year by sending hundreds of letters to ALL of the state elected officials. Our brothers and sisters in Illinois need our help now!

From your friends at Seyfo Center.

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